Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In over our head

With the wee fella's regular swimming classes suspended for a few weeks over the summer, this morning was the first opportunity to visit our local "baths" in a while.
The wee fella is used to swimming in what amounts to a huge plunge pool of equal depth and the experience of being able to wade through water for a change provided him with much amusement.
Couple this with his developing devil may care attitude and I was in for an exhausting (and cramped) hour of hoisting and rescuing as his laughter sunk to bubbles as his chin dropped below the water line.
Even the shallower ends (there is no such thing in these family pools as a deep end) provided no respite as he preferred to crawl around at these depths in as close to an approximation of swimming as any that we got to today.
At least it seems to have encouraged a rare afternoon nap...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Duvet Day

As the wee fella now manages to wriggle his way out of his grow bags Houdini style - indeed he appears to have managed to pop open one sleeve corner and get his whole body out through the gap recently - I felt it was time to introduce the duvet and pillow combo.
He does get a little lost in it all but seems to love the fact that he know sleeps in "Dada's bed", and most importantly, he looks SO CUTE all tucked up for a nap or a night's sleep.