Thursday, 21 August 2014


Why has it been a year since our last blog post?
Why start posting again now?
To these questions I must also add the most commonly asked question of recently times: 
So many questions...
All with the same answer...
Our toddling son.
Our last blog post in August 2013 coincided with the dropping off of daytime naps so all my energies have been focused on him, the house (whilst he was at nursery) and me (a little not much).
I envy those with the ability come 7pm to refocus on something else, for me my day is done in more ways than one.
Why start again now?
The simple answer is that from September the wee fella will be in preschool five days a week.
I hope to have time to gather my thoughts on all manner of matters during this time - will keep you posted.
Isn't that the eternal question for all three year olds?